We Are Semi-Legitimate


Semi-Legitimate Software is not a social media company. We are not currently making the next big time-killing mobile application. Semi-Legitimate develops solutions for business that make business better.

We are Pocket-E

Pocket-E is our flagship product. It harnesses the power of the Unity®Pro engine and leverages our extensive business experience to dynamically visualize enterprise data.

You need it. Get it now!

ERP Consulting

We are also seasoned ERP technical consultants. If you have need of such services, check us out here to see if we can help you.

Free Knowledge

We even dispense some random technical knowledge. Feel free to browse our blog and get some learnin!

About us

Semi-Legitimate Software was founded by a group of professionals who seek to combine new technologies, creativity, and amusement into our daily grind. Possessing over 60 years of consulting and development experience, we can merge practical knowledge with innovation to deliver solutions that really work for your business.