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How to Load a CSV file into PostgreSQL using a BASH script

Written by // Jim Categories // Tech Tips

As a DBA and a Linux Hack, I sometimes want to be able to do simple database interactions from the command line. Plus not using Python really annoys Joel. So there's that too. I could never find a straight-up example of how to do a load from a CSV file straight into PostgreSQL using just a BASH script. There may be better ways to do this but hopefully you find this useful.


RestHarness – REST Service test sandbox

Written by // Joel Categories // Tech Tips

In a nutshell, RESTful web services allow the service consumer (client application) to perform the full suit of CRUD commands all through simple HTTP request method manipulation.


How to migrate a VMWare Workstation VM to ESXi

Written by // Jim Categories // Tech Tips

I could not find a simple explanation on how to do this anywhere so I'll document this as simply as I can. The versions this references is VMWare Workstation 7.1 and ESXi 4.0.

How to rewrite outgoing address in Postfix

Written by // Jim Categories // Tech Tips

Sometimes I find myself configuring an internal Linux machine to be able to send emails for alerts or from a particular application. Since this will not be a primary mail server, I just want to rewrite the outgoing address to be something that make sense with the proper domain for the users. Here are the quick steps to accomplish this: